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4 December 2019г.

Increasing the Pace of Production, not Forgetting about the Environment

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Sodium nitrate technical

Sodium nitrate technical


GOST 828–77 (HS code 310 250 9000)

Commercial grade sodium nitrate is used in glasswork, chemical and metallurgy industries. Grade «А»- is used for preparation of brazing mixture and metal welding for reagents production, pyrotechnical mixture, optical glass, crystal glass and in manufactures, where impurities of oxidizable substances on conversion to NaNO2 are strictly limited;

Grade «B» - for pickling of metals, alloying lump waste of tungsten, clarifying commercial glass and for retail trade.


Grade «B»

Physical configuration

White transparent crystals with greyish or yellowish tint

Mass fraction of sodium nitrate on conversion to dry substance , %,

no less than


Mass fraction of water, %, no more than


Mass fraction of insoluble substances in water, %,

no more than


Mass fraction of chloride salt on conversion to NaCl, %, no more than


Mass fraction of oxidizable substances on conversion to NaNO2 ,%,

no more than


Mass fraction of iron on conversion to Fe2O3, %, no more than


Mass fraction of chrome on conversion to Cr2O3, %, no more than


Safety Requirements: toxicant, noncombustible, fire dangerous. Strong oxygen carrier fosters spontaneous firing of inflammable material. It causes an irritation of skin.

Packaging: in five-layer plastic bags-in-box for retail trade, in bags of 1, 3, 5 kg.

Transportation: by all modes of transport, except air transport, in covered transport facilities in accordance with traffic activities regulations of hazardous commodities, effective for particular kind of transport.

Storoge: in dry place, inaccessible for children and domestic animals.

Guaranteed storage period: unlimited.

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