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4 December 2019г.

Increasing the Pace of Production, not Forgetting about the Environment

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Ts  00203068-28:2015 (HS code 310 559 0000)

Phospho-urea is mixed fertilizer, formed by mechanical mixing of nitrogen fertilizer - urea and phosphorus fertilizer-ammophos. In combination with phosphate fertilizers the urea is especially effective in application for acidic and non-acidic soils.

It is recommended to use phospho-urea as a main effective nitrogen-phosphorus fertilizer of prolonged acting or in feeding for all crops and vegetables in different soils; phospho-urea can be used for non-root feeding of vegetable and fruit crops, and also can be used for late fertilizing of wheat to increase protein content in the grain.

Phospho-urea is produced in three grades: PhU 1; PhU 2; PhU 3.


Norm for grades

Inspection methods

PhU 1

PhU 2

PhU 3

Mass fraction of total nitrogen (N), %,

no less than




by item 4.2

Mass fraction of total phosphates in terms of P2O5, %, no less than




by item 4,3

Safety Requirements: by degree of impact on human body it is referred to 3rd class of hazard, its non-combustible, fire and explosion-proof. Observe the measures of individual protection: special clothing, boots, and rubber knitted gloves, respirator, cotton-gauzed and gas masks.

Packaging: in polyethylene bags and sacks of 25, 40 kg.

Transportation: in bulk and packed by agreement with consumer, by all kinds of transport in accordance with the rules of transportation, effective for given kind of transport.

Storage: in covered, dry and clean storehouses, protected from moisture, mudding and mechanical damage of container.

Guarantee term of storage: 6 months since the date of manufacturing. For retail trade the guarantee term of storage – 2 years since the date of manufacturing.

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