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Been searching what to play on Manti Games? Here I am presenting you with some suggestions. Let’s find out what they are!

Manti Games is one of the most popular websites that provide numerous online games. There, you can find thousands of games that cover many genres including adventure, driving, and racing, art, skills, and best strategy games free online as well. You will never get bored with it.

Today I am going to make a list of top 5 most favorite games on Manti Games. If you have never tried it before, maybe these suggestions can help. Let’s dig deeper to find out!


So far, Surviv.io is one of the most played games on Manti games. It has the format of Battle Royale inspired by smash hits PUBG and Fortnite.

You will play in a wasteland full of machine, gun, and weapons. The rule is simple. Players will fight against each other, trying to kill as many opponents as possible while avoiding being killed.

Surviv.io is designed to support many different devices, and the graphics will not be a problem.

Zombs Royale

If you are seeking a highly competitive and fast-paced game, Zombs Royale is a must-try.

Starting by deploying from a plane down to the battleground, you are fighting against up to 100 other players who are willing to beat you at any moment. The only way to win is to move around the map to collect weapons, defend yourself and plan to attack.

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Death Squad: The last mission

Death Squad is a popular shooting game on Manti Games which allows you to improve your skill and flexibility.

Your helicopter would be crashed, luckily, your team can survive after the accident. But you guys have to face a bigger threat: attack from enemy soldiers. To survive, you need to stay in your position as long as possible. It’s very challenging, though.

Shell Shockers

Shell Shockers is not as competitive as the three games I mentioned above. The concept of the game is hilarious which makes it hard for you to leave it once you start.

The map has many levels and platforms for you to choose from. To unlock the Golden Eggs, you have to collect points while building streaks. As simple as it may seem, it takes a lot of time to master the game.

Dirt Bike Games

Dirt Bike Games is an ideal choice for those who want to test or improve their skills on a motorcycle. The game has amazing 3D graphics that attract players from the first moment they start.

Like many other racing games, in order to win, you would have to drive as fast as you can and avoid crash into the ground.

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Above are top popular games on Manti Games you should try. With amazing graphics and engaging concepts, you can hardly stop once you get started. Enjoy!