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4 December 2019г.

Increasing the Pace of Production, not Forgetting about the Environment

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Ammonium carbonates

Ammonium carbonates


GOST 9325-79 (HS code 283 699 1700)

Ammonium carbonates are the composition of different ammonium carbonates and the base of it are the ammonium carbonate (NH4)2CO3 and the ammonium bicarbonate NH4HCO3 .

Ammonium carbonates are designed for light, chemical and other industries. Depending on usage the ammonium carbonates are produced in two types of grades:

«А» –for organic synthesis and production of chemical agents;

«B» –for the processes of flotation, dyeing, neutralization of chrome-tanned leather and others.



National Classification of Products «А»

National Classification of Products «B»

Physical configuration

crystals of white, grey or pink colors

Mass fraction of ammonia(NH3), %, no less than



Mass fraction of residue after ignition, %, no more than



Safety Requirements: by severity of exposure on human body ammonium carbonates apply to the 4th category of danger.

They are unstable in the open air, exposed to decompounding with ammonia and carbon dioxide excretion, the toxicity and fire hazard are stipulated by decomposition products. Ammonium carbonates don’t generate poisons in air and in drain water with other substances. In a case of fire it should be put out by large quantity of water, fire extinguisher, sand and asbestos cloth. The workers’ means of protection are safety glasses, alkali-proof rubber gloves, protective clothing in accordance with regulations and gas masks.

Packaging: in open plastic sacks by 35, 40, 45±1 кг.

Transportation: in covered railroad wagons, closed decked vessels, covered transport facilities in accordance with traffic activity regulation, established for particular kind of transport.

Storage: in covered, unheated, ventilated storage, the temperature of stockrooms should not exceed 35º С.

Guaranteed storage period: 1 year from the date of manufacturing.

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