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History of the plant

In 1932 it was decided to build Chirchik nitrogen fertilizer plant. Since the launch of the company called CHIRCHIK Elektrohimkombinatom. He was the first enterprise in Central Asia for the production of nitrogen fertilizers. Pushenny into operation in 1940, the plant became the ancestor of the chemical industry in Uzbekistan and served as the basis for the construction of the city of Chirchik.
In 1975 the plant was renamed the Industrial Union "Electrokhimprom."
January 25, 2002 in accordance with the State Program on deepening the process of denationalization and privatization "Electrokhimprom" was transformed into Open Joint Stock Company «Elektrkimyosanoat».
In 2007 the company «MAXAMCORP SAU» (Spain) acquired a 49% stake in the company. In this connection, the company was renamed to JSC «MAXAM-CHIRCHIQ».
Currently JSC «MAXAM-CHIRCHIQ» is a joint stock company, which is jointly owned by the SJC «Uzkimyosanoat» and «MAXAMCORP SAU».
SJC «Uzkimyosanoat» - the company that manages state assets. Currently, the company consists of 11 large industrial enterprises, 13 regional distribution companies, design and research institutes, freight forwarding company and 3 joint ventures.
«MAXAMCORP SAU» - is one of the major chemical producers in the world. Corporation headquarters is located in Spain, the corporation also has offices and production facilities in more than 50 countries on 5 continents.