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Facts in the activities of the company

The history of the modern "Maxam-Chirchik" begins in April 1932, when the government issued a decree on the construction of the Chirchik Electrochemical Combine, which was to produce nitrogen fertilizers on the basis of production of hydrogen by electrolysis of water and obtain nitrogen from air by separation.

      By 1936, a few shops on the main site of the future plant began laying the foundation.

      In 1940 came into operation the main distribution substation, air separation plant, plant water electrolysis.

      In October 1940, was the first batch of ammonium nitrate.

      The official launch of the first phase of the Chirchik Electrochemical Combine was held January 25, 1941.

      In 1941, construction began on the second phase of the plant - the conversion line ammonia. These include gasification plant, separating the aqueous cleaning mednoammiachnoy purification and conversion of carbon monoxide.

      In 1942, the plant was put into operation for the production of 6/12 concentrated nitric acid.
      In early 1944, received a mixture of nitric second stage of ammonia production. Thus, this year introduced a design scheme for the production of ammonia conversion method.

      In 1945, part of the workshops, which provide the raw material front, reduced output and 6/12 shop was closed for renovation. After mastering the production of concentrated nitric acid by direct synthesis in 1952, after the reconstruction of the shop re-entered service

      In 1949 he was commissioned to produce a catalyst shop of nickel-chromium catalyst.

      In 1958, the process for producing ammonia conversion method have been made major improvements. Put into operation the gas purification plant from the impurities of sulfur and commissioned a new gas generator GIAP with mokroplenochnym filter for dust collection.

     Production of ammonia at the Chirchik elektrohimkombinate until 1961 was carried out by recycling poluvodyanogo gas produced in the gasifier shop by vapor-air-oxygen gasification of coal and coke Sulukta, brought in by a Kuzbass. In 1961, ammonia production was completely converted to natural gas deposits Bukhara. For this purpose the workshop was built conversion of methane and carbon monoxide, the separation of water purification is translated from the pressure of 1.6 kg / cm2 pressure of 2.4 kgf / cm2, the reconstruction of all the ammonia production plant built monoethanolamine cleaning, boiler shop was expanded and translated solid fuel with natural gas.

     In 1965, put into operation department M-18 shop electrolysis of water.
     In 1972 he mounted installation selective treatment plant emissions of nitrogen oxides weak nitric acid.

     In 1962 started the construction of urea plant, purchased from the Dutch firm "Stamicarbon", according to the scheme with full liquid recycle. In 1964, the plant was put into operation.

     In 1964 was completed the construction and installation work on two granbashnyah ammonium nitrate and since the beginning of 1965, instead of scaly nitrate began to produce granular ammonium nitrate.

     In 1960-1970 years at the plant in full swing carried out renovation and modernization of equipment.

     In 1970, commissioned 25 production.

     In 1972 he received a weak nitric acid to nitric acid large-capacity units AK-72.

     In 1975 CHIRCHIK elektrohimkombinat renamed the pro-duction association "Electrokhimprom."

     In 1980, the union commissioned capacity for the production of caprolactam.

     In 1981 started the construction of a large plant ammonia AM-76, which was launched in 1984. With the launch of the AM-76 ended all construction and installation work on the treatment plant NDF.

      By the end of 1984 was completed construction of a new urea plant with granbashni spetsvodooborotnym cycle.

      Further development of the association was aimed at solving environmental problems, to replace the output-old and obsolete plants. Commissioned a wastewater treatment from heavy metals. The reconstruction of nitrogenous wastewater treatment plants NDF. In the shops of ammonium nitrate, urea, weak nitric acid catalyst introduced water cycle that drastically reduce the cost of fresh river water.
     In 1985 he began to build a new large-capacity machine ammonium nitrate AS-72M, which was commissioned in 1988. This allowed in 1989 to stop the old and obsolescent plant ammonium nitrate.

     In January 1988, received the first tons of nitric acid on the new unit AK-72M. This unit is on the technical and economic indicators superior to the head unit AK-72. Therefore, after the start of the AK-72M was stopped by an AK-72 to April 1989 for reconstruction. With the launch of the AK-72 after reconstruction of obsolete plant number 5 was stopped.

       Along with the shop weak nitric acid plant to build a new strong nitric acid on the basis of units of ACC-M-80, which was put into operation in December 1987.

       In December 1993, launched a new air separation unit SC-15-5. This unit will stop the old blocks in 1936 with the release of ammonia-refrigeration unit.

       In 2002, the production association "Electrokhimprom" transformed into Open Joint Stock Company "Elektrkimyosanoat." And in 2007. JSC "Elektrkimesanoat" transformed into JSC "Maxam-Chirchik".

        In 2004, the replacement pump units in the shop for the production of urea in the high-speed centrifugal pumps are "Sandayn."

         In 2009, the reconstruction and modernization of large-tonnage ammonia unit AM-76 with power reaching 420 thousand. Tons per year.

         In May 2010, construction of the installation for the production of low density ammonium nitrate. On the construction of the facility allocated investment company «MAXAM Corp International SAU» (Spain).

        Currently the company is working hard to introduce automated control systems. Works on automation services and sites. Implemented comprehensive automation of association on the basis of introduction of computer network information processing.

       Power of the main production

      JSC "Maxam-Chirchik" is a complex production of nitric group.
      The main products manufactured by the union are:
ammonia, urea, ammonium nitrate, weak and strong nitric acid, dry ice, liquid carbon dioxide, catalysts, ammonium sulfate.

                      production capacity production
duction, tonnes / year (design) power production
duction, tonnes / year (installed)
11. The workshop training materials for gas
     ammonia production (CBC):
           Block BL-9: N2 - 18000 m3 / h
O2 - 18000 m3 / h
          Block CA-15-5: N2 - 25,000 m3 / h
O2 - 15500 m3 / h
2. Ammonia Production 245.8 245.8
3. Production of ammonia AM-76 450.0 450.0
4. Production of ammonium nitrate 450.0 450.0
5. Urea 270.0 270.0
6. Production of non-concentrated
     nitric acid AK-72 300.0 300.0
7. Production of non-concentrated
     nitric acid AK-72M 362.0 362.0
8. Production of concentrated
     nitric acid 150.0 150.0
9. Production of catalysts:
9.1. Methanation catalyst TO-2 0.062 0.062
9.2. Ammonia synthesis catalyst SA-C 0.600 0.600
9.3. Ammonia synthesis catalyst CA-CB 0.430 0.430
9.4. The catalyst STC-4u
or a catalyst for methanol synthesis
        SNM-1 0.300 0.300
     0.350 0.350
9.5. Nickel-chromium catalyst 0.380 0.380
9.6. The catalyst for the conversion of natural
        gas GIAP-8 0.900 0.900
9.7. The catalyst alyumohromovy
        GIAP-14 0.140 0.140

The share of "Maxam-Chirchik" in the economy of chemical
          industry in Uzbekistan

     The share of "Maxam-Chirchik" in "Uzkimyosanoat" for the production:

- Marketable products - 22.9%
- Ammonia - 38.3%
- Ammonium nitrate - 29.6%
- Urea - 43.3%.

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