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4 December 2019г.

Increasing the Pace of Production, not Forgetting about the Environment

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Antiscale agent

Antiscale agent


Ts 00203068-36:2015

This product is used both in industry and in everyday life for removing the carbonate scale and corrosion products from surfaces. Antiscale agent is effective in cleaning of sink and toilet bowl surfaces from household contaminations as well as in chemical cleaning of heat-exchange equipment and other equipment from mineral deposits in gas and oil industry, energy, milk and alcohol industries.

Physicochemical properties:




Crystals of white colour

Mass fraction of nitric acid, not more than %



Usage instructions:

For removing carbonate scale, depositions and corrosion products use water solution of antiscale agent heated at temperature of 60-80 0С with proportions of the agent:water = 1:0,8. Treat the contaminated surface by the obtained solution for a time which is enough for the complete removing of the scale. This time depends on thickness of the scale.

Cleaned surface must be washed with water till neutral reaction.

Safety requirements:

Safety requirements according to GOST 2081, according to Ts 00203068-08.

Works with antiscale agent must be performed in compliance with individual protective measures and in special clothes.

Transportation and storage:

Antiscale agent is transported by all kinds of transport providing its safety in compliance with transportation rules effective for this kind of transport. 

Antiscale agent is stored in closed warehouses providing protection against humidifying, pollution and mechanical damage of tare.

Manufacturer’s warranty:

Guaranteed storage life – 1 year from the day of production.


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