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4 December 2019г.

Increasing the Pace of Production, not Forgetting about the Environment

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Solid carbon dioxide - dry ice (CO2)

Solid carbon dioxide - dry ice (CO2)


GOST 12162-77 (HS code 281 121 0000)

Solid carbon dioxide is used for low-temperature formation during refrigerated processing, storing, transportation and sales of frozen and chilled foodstuffs by direct or indirect contacts with them. It is applied for technical objectives. It is produced from liquid carbon dioxide.


Physical configuration

white color blocks

Mass fraction of carbon dioxide (СО2), %

99,96 – 99,98

Mass fraction of residue after evaporation, %

0,02 – 0,04

Safety Requirements: non-toxic, inexplosive, the content of solid carbon dioxide doesn’t cause the health hazard in the air of working area by volume up to 0,5% but it effects person’s health harmfully under higher content. It is recommended to wear safety glasses and gloves in the process of breakage and pre-packing of dry ice.

Transportation: by all modes of transport in accordance with traffic activity regulations, effective for particular kind of transportation, by railroad in covered wagon.

Storage: in special storehouse, in thermally insulated containers.

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