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Structural subdivisions

Department of Nature Conservation and sustainable use of natural resources

Manager: Makhmudov Hodjhiakbar Sayfullaevich
Position: Head of OD and RIPR
The main objective of the department is to ensure the protection of the environment from pollution by emissions of harmful substances and industrial waste, sustainable use of natural resources;
In order to fulfill the main objectives for the department shall have the following functions:
Control over compliance with the requirements for the protection of nature:
the composition and amount of waste water, gas emission, solid and liquid waste;
the work of the works general and local wastewater treatment plants and gas emissions, facilities for decontamination and disposal of industrial wastes; - The use of land resources;
the state of the environment in the enterprise;
for providing treatment facilities technical documentation;
the observance of the norms of specific water consumption and wastewater and emissions into the atmosphere.
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