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4 December 2019г.

Increasing the Pace of Production, not Forgetting about the Environment

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Lime-sulphur decoction

Lime-sulphur decoction


TSh 6.3-65: 1999

Lime-sulphur decoction is a product intended for treatment of crops affected by powdery mildew, red spiders, pod spots and other fungus diseases. Lime-sulphur decoction can be used for other industrial purposes as well. It is prepared from commercial-grade sulphur, construction lime and water.

The reactants of lime-sulphur decoction are sulphur and hydrogen sulphide, which are extracted on the surface of plants as a result of interaction with air. Lime-sulphur decoction is well-known preparation used effectively in agriculture for a long time. It is applied as acaricide and fungicide.



Water solution of cherry-red color

Density, g/cm3

1,15 – 1,18

Concentration of water ions рН

9,1 – 10,0

Safety requirements: Lime-sulphur decoction is water solution of colloid sulphur CaS, nontoxic, incombustible, fire- and explosion-proof. Its toxicity is stipulated by presence of sulphur. Dilution of lime-sulphur decoction extract in water and its spraying to the plants by means of sprayer should be performed using rubber gloves and goggles. Lime-sulphur decoction drops fallen to a body should be washed off with water.

Packing: poured into glass or polyethylene tare with tightly closed cover.

Transportation: transported by motor and rail transport according to the transportation rules for these kinds of transport.

Storage: at inaccessible for children places, apart from food substances.

Guarantee term of storage: one year from the date of production.

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