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Liquid Urea -Ammonium mixture (UAN)

Liquid Urea -Ammonium mixture (UAN)


TSh 6.3-82:2006 (CN of FEA code 310 280 0000)

Liquid nitrogen fertilizers (UAN) are a nitrogen fertilizer, which contains of urea and ammonium nitrate in liquid state. UAN is designed for use as mineral fertilizer in agriculture.

Using UAN in agriculture has advantages over solid fertilizers. They are having free-flow characteristics, not raise dust and not become cake. Wet weather and even the rain don’t have a negative impact on them.

Fertilizers don’t contain free ammonia, so they can apply on the surface under plowing, cultivation or in rows at sowing. UAN can also be used for root feeding.


Fraction of total mass of nitrogen, %


Mass ratio of Urea and ammonium nitrate


Alkalinity in terms of free ammonia , %


Safety Requirements: liquid nitrogen fertilizers are not flammable and thermally stable. During operation or use put on gloves, do not eat, drink or smoke. In case of skin contact wash with soap and water. In case of eye contact immediately rinse in plenty of water. When it gets into stomach drink several glasses of slightly pink solution of potassium manganese acidic and cause vomiting. After work wash the hands and face with soap and water, rinse the mouth.
Strictly forbidden to mix with other substances!

Packaging: in rail and road tankers, in polymer bottles with capacity up to 3 dm3, in canisters with capacity up to 5 dm3 on customer‘s request in container of customer up to 100 dm3.

Transportation: in railway tankers in accordance with the rules of transportation, effective for given kind of transport.

Storage: keep in a cool, dry, and difficult of access for children place and away from foods.

Guarantee term of storage: 6 months.

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