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4 December 2019г.

Increasing the Pace of Production, not Forgetting about the Environment

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Technical Magnesium Sulphate

Technical Magnesium Sulphate


Ts  00203068-30:2015 (HS code 283 321 0000)

Commercial-grade magnesium sulphate is a magnesium fertilizer containing about 9% of magnesium. It is soluble in water, does not become cake, well seeded. Magnesium stimulates the phosphorus entry from soil and assimilation by plants. Magnesium deficiency in the soil causes plants marbling of leaf, chlorosis plants. In such cases use the magnesium fertilizers.

Magnesium fertilizer increases the crops of fruits and vegetables, improves its quality: starch content of potatoes, fruits and vegetables vitamin consisting.


Physical configuration

crystals or powder white color with yellowish ton

Mass fraction of magnesium sulfate (MgSO4x7H2O), %, no less than

In terms of mass fraction of magnesium oxide (MgО), %, no less than



Mass fraction of water-insoluble residue,%, no more than


Mass fraction of chloride - ions (Cl), %, no more than


Mass fraction of iron ions (Fe), %, no more than


Safety Requirements: the product is not toxic, flammable and explosion-proof. By degree of impact on human body it is referred to 4th class of hazard. Observe the measures of individual protection and personal hygiene.

Packaging: in polyethylene bags and sacks of 1, 3, 5, 10, 25, 30, 40 kg.

Transportation: by all kinds of transport, ensuring its safety, in accordance with the rules of transportation, effective for given kind of transport.

Storage: in covered, dry and clean storehouses, protected from moisture, mudding and mechanical damage of container.

Guarantee term of storage: is unlimited.

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