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An audit report and opinion

An audit report and opinion

3 Apr 2017г.

POSITIVE AUDIT OPINION on financial statements

JSS “МАХАМ-CHIRCHIQ” for 2015 (№40 dated March 15, 2016)


An audit opinion is submitted to JSS “МАХАМ-CHIRCHIQ”. Legal address: 111708, Republic of Uzbekistan, Tashkent region, Circhik city, Tashkentskaya str., 2, b/a 20210000100130836001 in JSC “UzPSB” of Chirchik branch, bank code 01034, TIN 200941518, phone: 8-10-998-7071-5-34-40, fax 6-57-49, 6-55-46.

The audit opinion is prepared by “MARIKON-AUDIT” LLC, which address is Buyuk Ipak Yuli str., 139, Tashkent city, b/a 20208000204050179001 in JSC "DAVR-BANK" of Mirzo-Ulugbek branch 43, bank code 01072, ОКОНХ 84400, and licence with serial number AF №00030 dated 14.02.2008, issued by MF of RUz, insurance policy СОАО №2015-4 dated 06.04.2015 from OJSC "MADAD", TIN 203248237, phone: 237-06-68, 237-06-75, 268-49-60, fax - 268-90-94. The audit of the attached financial statements of JSS "МАХАМ-CHIRCHIQ” for 2015 is performed by an independent auditor of “MARIKON-AUDIT” LLC. Kornienko V.A. (qualification certificate №05361 on 16.01.2016). The audit was conducted on the basis of an agreement №AA-2007/2 dated 07.17.2015.

Inspection was conducted in accordance with the Law of RUz “On auditing” dated 26.05.2000, National Standard on Auditing dated 14.02.2001, and according to internal standards of auditing organization. The audit was performed in such a way that to obtain reasonable assurance about whether the financial statements of JSS "МАХАМ-CHIRCHIQ” are free of material misstatement. During planning and auditing of financial statements we have reviewed the status and functioning of the internal control systems of JSS “МАХАМ-CHIRCHIQ”. The compliance with applicable legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan during financial and economic operations has been considered. The directorate of JSS «МАХАМ CHIRCHIQ» is responsible for compliance with the requirements of acting legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The inspection was carried out in such a way that an audit of financial statements itself was done with purpose to selectively collect sufficient data and information in order to express the opinion about assurance in all essential aspects of these financial statements.

An audit includes inspection on the basis of verification of numeric data, on the basis of tests and audit sampling which confirm the accuracy of the amounts indicated in the financial statements of JSS "МАХАМ-CHIRCHIQ”. We believe that our audit provides a reasonable basis to express opinion on accuracy of financial statements. In auditor’s opinion, the financial statements of JSS «МАХАМ CHIRCHIQ» for 2015 accurately reflects its financial condition in all essential aspects. As of January 01, 2016 assets and liabilities, as well as financial and business transactions made by JSS "МАХАМ-CHIRCHIQ” meets the requirements of legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan.


Director of “MARIKON-AUDIT” LLC.                           G.G. Mahmudova (certificate №04404 dated 12.09.2012)


Auditor of “MARIKON-AUDIT” LLC.                V.А. Kornienko (certificate №05361 dated 16.04.2016)


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